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Calibre Services

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Are you ready to scale your business by outsourcing your admin?

As a remote virtual staffing company - complete with Project Managers, Social Media Experts & Executive PAs - we match you with the ideal person for your exact needs.

Each member of our team is self-employed. No need to worry about holiday pay, sick pay, pension contributions etc. We take care of all of that ourselves, leaving you to focus on your business entirely.

Read on and discover just how easy the outsourcing process is with Calibre Virtual Assistant Services.

Admin Packages

Scale Package

This fantastic business support package provides you with 20 to 40 hours a month of admin and strategy. The ideal package for established businesses to scale and focus on income-generating tasks, whilst improving internal processes.

This package is personalised to your exact business needs and, together with having your dedicated PA, includes personal support and check-ins from our founder Naomi herself.

From £600/month

Executive PA Package

Tasks completed on the same day or within 24 hours.

Ideal for busy Directors, Coaches & Consultants

√ Email & Diary support

√ Document creation

√ Maintaining spreadsheets

√ Travel coordination

√ Event coordination

√ Making phone calls

√ Data entry

√ Other bespoke PA tasks, discussed on a case-by-case basis

5 hrs a week: £650/month

10 hrs a week: £1,300/month

Inbox Management Package

√ Checking inbox and actioning emails up to twice a day

√ Sending replies, incl. holding emails

√ Using email folders, filters and rules to keep inbox organised

√ Option to manage your own inbox or a separate one

√ Option to choose which emails require attention, if not all

√ Option to be sent a daily summary of the important messages/notifications

√ No need to give up total control. We do things your way

£650/month - 1 hour/day

Mon to Fri

Inbox & Diary Management Package

√ Includes above Inbox Management Package

√ Managing online diary

√ Arranging appointments/travel

√ Liaising with client as required

£650/month - 1 hour/day

£1300/month - 10 hours/week


Financial Admin Package

Our Financial Virtual Assistant is registered with Anti-Money Laundering

√ Creating and processing invoices

√ Arranging payments

√ Managing accounting software, including bank reconciliation

√ Setting up client contacts, invoice templates and reminders

√ Credit control

√ Managing expenses/purchases

√ Purchase and sales ledger management

√ Bookkeeping


Packages to be discussed on a case-by-case basis and can also include inbox management.

Minimum of 2.5 hours a week

Proofreading Package

√ Checking grammar & spelling

√ Checking punctuation & language

√ Removing errors and inconsistencies

√ Includes reports, marketing materials, blog articles, newsletters & press releases

√ Dyslexia-friendly options available

£15.00 per 1,000 words – £0.015 per word

Please note that documents with under 1,000 words will be charged at a flat rate of £15.00

Social Media & Marketing Packages

Marketing Support Package

√ Social media strategy

√ Email marketing support

√ Formatting newsletters & marketing materials

√ Uploading blog articles to website

√ Updating content on website pages

√ Canva graphics


Minimum hours: 10 hours/month

Social Media Management

√ Social media strategy

√ Content scheduling

√ Community engagement (30mn/day)

√ Researching/connecting with relevant accounts

√ DM Management

√ Blocking spam

√ Hashtag research

√ Caption editing

√ Monthly insights

√ Weekly check-in call

Pricing from £300/month

Packages to be discussed on a case-by-case basis

Incl. LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook

Wordpress Management

To be discussed with our Wordpress specialist on a case-by-case basis

How It Works

Our goal is to make this whole process as straightforward as possible for you.

Step 1: Make a note of which tasks you would initially be looking to outsource and when.

Step 2: Email Naomi or fill in the contact form with details of the support you require.

Step 3: After email confirmation that we can provide you with the services you need, Naomi arranges a free initial consultation via zoom with you and matches you with your virtual assistant/business manager.

Step 4: After the meeting, you confirm whether you would like to move forward with the contract.

Step 5: The contract and other documents are sent to you via email for your e-signature.

Step 6: Once everything has been agreed and signed, you are free to start sending work to your new team member!

And our support doesn't stop there! Throughout our partnership, Naomi remains available to ensure you are receiving the high-quality service we promised.

Contact Us
Naomi Wachner

"Naomi has been a dream to work with, so professional and organised with a quick turnaround. I would be very happy to recommend her to other business owners and I will be continuing to enlist her support as my business develops."

C. Goodwin, Founder

Your Options

  • Minimum Hourly Requirement

    With the exception of our proofreading service, we exclusively work with businesses that require a minimum of 2.5 hours support per week, invoiced two weeks at a time. The hourly rate for businesses requiring less than 5 hours a week is £35/hour.

  • Monthly Packages - Best Value

    Our prepaid monthly packages are the ideal option for regular, ongoing administrative support. They offer the fastest turnaround (same day or 24h) and provide you with the clarity you need to plan your admin budget. Monthly packages based on 5 hours a week or more have a reduced hourly rate of £30.

  • 2-week Trial

    A 2-week trial period is available to businesses looking for long-term support, and who would like to try out our admin services before committing to a monthly package. A time report is sent at the end of the trial. An ideal introduction to the Calibre way!


When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant?

Business owners hire virtual assistants when 1) their admin load distracts them from generating income, 2) they want to spread their workload more efficiently and 3) they want to focus on specific areas of their business. If you can see yourself in one of those above scenarios, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to fill in the contact form and we will get in touch and answer any further questions you may have.

Is it cheaper to hire a virtual assistant than an employee?

In our experience, yes! You only pay for the hours your virtual assistant works. You do not pay for their insurance, tax or pension contributions. You don’t need to worry about sick pay nor holiday pay. Virtual assistants pay for their own office space and equipment. Hiring a virtual assistant is an affordable way to scale your business in a sustainable manner.

I need admin help but I don’t want to share my passwords with you.

That’s no problem! We are happy to use LastPass, an online password manager that grants access to programmes, without the need to reveal passwords. Please rest assured however that our solicitor-drafted contract clearly explains how the data you share with us is protected and regulated. We will never share your confidential data to third parties. 

I need admin help but I have my own way of doing things.

We understand and we are happy to do things your way. During our initial consultation, we will discuss how we can meet your business needs in a way that you are comfortable with. We are able to replicate any system you already have in place. Please rest assured that our priority is to make your life easier. You define what works best for you.

How are Calibre virtual assistants different from other brands?

One word: expertise. Each Calibre virtual assistant is an expert in their own field. For example, for invoicing support, we provide you with a qualified bookkeeper, highly experienced in most accounting software. For proofreading tasks, we outsource our certified linguist, with over 30 years’ proofreading experience. The same high-level of expertise goes for PA tasks, including inbox management.