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What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Put simply, a virtual assistant is an individual who provides remote administrative support to other businesses.

They are usually self-employed and as such, they are business owners in their own right. They set their own rates and their own schedule. A great benefit to hiring a virtual assistant is that you do not pay for their insurance, tax nor pension contributions. You don’t need to worry about sick pay nor holiday pay. Each virtual assistant covers all of this by themselves. Virtual assistants also pay for their own office space and equipment. With that in mind, many business owners have found that hiring a virtual assistant is cheaper than hiring an employee.


Virtual assistants: the sustainable option

Hiring a virtual assistant is an affordable way to scale your business in a sustainable manner. Working on a remote basis reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to a greener environment. Virtual assistants also promote paperless strategies, which contributes to a more environmentally-conscious approach to business operations.


Virtual assistants: an integral part of business growth

If you are a business owner yourself, I am sure you will agree that the more successful you become, the faster time seems to slip away. With a seemingly endless list of tasks, it can be frustrating to see yourself spending an increasing amount of time on administrative tasks, rather than on income-generating activities.

That’s where a virtual assistant comes in. Virtual assistants free up business owners’ time so that they can focus, not only on the activities they enjoy doing, but most importantly, on the activities that drive their business and profits forward. As such, they are an integral part of business growth.


The title “virtual assistant” hides an array of skills

It is not unusual for people to assume that a virtual assistant is a jack-of-all-trades. And yes, if you are looking for a remote PA with general secretarial skills, you will most certainly find a virtual assistant that meets that requirement.

Oftentimes however, you will find that a virtual assistant has a specific area of expertise. Although called “virtual assistant”, many could swap this title for one of the following: Social Media Manager, Legal/Medical secretary, Project Manager, Event Manager, Business Manager, Marketing Assistant, Executive Assistant, Bookkeeper.


With that in mind, how do you go about finding the ideal virtual assistant for you and your business? That’s where Calibre Virtual Assistant Services comes in. In our initial exchange, be it via email or in a zoom meeting, we help you identify your main pain point and then successfully match you with a member of our team, who suits your needs perfectly. With Calibre as your business partner, we take the stress out of this process for you.


5 reasons you can trust a Calibre virtual assistant:

  1. We are UK-based, ICO registered and a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Not everyone can become a Calibre virtual assistant. Each has to successfully complete a robust application process, to ensure their values and experience provide the best experience for business owners.
  1. Each Calibre virtual assistant is an expert at what they do. They have formal qualifications in their specific area of expertise, together with strong experience within their field. Our virtual assistant team is comprised of a Bookkeeper, a Social Media Manager/Marketing Assistant, a Project/Event Manager, an Inbox Management PA, a Proofreader and a Legal Secretary.
  1. Each team member commits to reflecting the following values within their work: Transparency (clear communication), Positivity (cheerful, problem-solving attitude), Trustworthiness & Quality (Calibre’s main USP).
  1. We provide you with a legally-binding contract which protects both parties and which outlines our commitment to keeping your data secure.


Would you benefit from having more time for strategic thinking? Are you feeling bogged down by the small details of running a business? Please feel free to fill in the contact form or to email me directly at so we can discuss how our virtual assistants can best help you.


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