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Welcome to Calibre Virtual Assistant Services!

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My very first blog post! And what an exciting opportunity it is for me to welcome you, fellow business owner, to the Calibre Virtual Assistant Services website.

Rest assured, I am not here to sell you something you don’t need. Instead, I am hoping to invite you on a journey, a journey where you will not only reach your business goals faster, but where you will do so in a sustainable way.

My virtual assistant services posts will always focus on you, the business owner, the go-getter, the entrepreneur.  And this very first blog post is no different. 

It’s all about you

So what is it that you are looking to achieve today? Business growth? More time generating revenue? More focused attention on doing what you love? Better work-life balance? Or has your business grown to the point where you need additional staff?

Maybe you have heard of virtual assistant services in passing but you are not too sure what this actually involves. Or perhaps you require a particular skill set to move your business forward.

Take a moment to reflect on whether you recognise yourself in one of the following 5 scenarios:

Scenario 1: It’s Monday again and the thought of going through mountains of emails at the start of your week fills you with dread. Suppliers, newsletters, enquiries… your inbox is overwhelmed.

Scenario 2: You love what you do but as your business becomes more successful, you realise that there are just not enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything that needs doing. Something needs to change for your business to continue running smoothly.

Scenario 3: You started your business for a reason, but spending time focusing on its technical aspects is not where your time is best spent. Your business is growing and your focus is on bringing in as much income as possible, not on the smaller details of running the business.

Scenario 4: Spelling just isn’t your thing. And you know deep down that the free spelling and grammar checkers online aren’t at the level you need them to be. If only you could find a professional who could proofread everything on a daily/weekly basis - your content, your letters, your reports – for a reasonable price? What a game-changer that would be.

Scenario 5: Invoicing. Late payers. You spend hours every month on this one aspect of running a business and you do not enjoy it. If only someone could take over this one task so you can spend your time focusing on what you love.

Here to support you 

The main purpose of Calibre Virtual Assistant Services is to provide administrative support to business owners. We help you to organise your daily activities in a way that gives you the time and focus to build the business of your dreams. 

We don’t expect you to give up any control and we are happy to do things your way. We measure our success by how much we contribute to yours.

So if your administrative load is distracting you from generating more income, if you want to spread your workload more efficiently or if you want more time to focus on a specific area of your business, then Calibre Virtual Assistant Services is the team you never knew you needed.

Take a moment to read through the growing number of testimonials for our virtual assistant services. Sign up to our newsletter so you can get to know us better. Or better yet, fill in the contact form to request personalised feedback on how we can assist you with the successful running of your business. Calibre Virtual Assistant Services is here to support you and your future self will thank you for it.

Calibre Virtual Assistant Services offer the lifeline entrepreneurs need to get the balance right in their business and to be able to scale without burnout. J. Stewart, Entrepreneur