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Does Outsourcing Really Spark Business Growth?

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As a business owner, you have probably seen lots of virtual assistants go on about how outsourcing saves you time, improves productivity and helps you generate more revenue. But is that really true?

Take a look at these 3 ways in which outsourcing plays a pivotal role in business growth.

Outsourcing drives your business forward

Think back to the time when you started your business. What was your ultimate goal? Something tells me it wasn’t spending hours a day catching up on emails and chasing late payers. With a virtual assistant on your team, you can delegate all of the smaller, yet still integral, parts of your business so that you can refocus your attention on what you do best.

Outsourcing increases revenue 

Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, virtual assistants can achieve high levels of productivity for your business, which in turn helps you to increase revenue. But outsourcing can also help you boost your income in another, sometimes forgotten, way. Take a moment to think about your hourly rate.

What do you charge your clients for an hour of your time? Let’s imagine your hourly rate is £100.

My hourly virtual assistant rate is £30 For every hour that you spend on admin tasks, you would be losing £70/hour. This would mean that by just spending one hour a day on admin, you would be losing £350/week. Now a recent report stated that the average business owner spends about 16 hours a week on admin tasks. This would equate to you losing over £1000 every week on tasks which could be delegated. Now multiply that by 4. How much income are you losing each month by not hiring me as your virtual assistant?

My personal experience

Yes, I have also outsourced tasks! And I can attest to the fact that outsourcing has also helped me grow my business faster. This past year, I outsourced specific projects and tasks such as branding, website design (yes, this very website!) and I may at some point choose to outsource my social media. Could I have done the tasks myself? Probably. Would I have done as good a job as the experts who did the work for me? Absolutely not. And I am not even kidding myself; I know for a fact that the outsourced work only took a fraction of the time I would have spent on it, had I chosen to do everything myself. The result? Whilst my outsourced team took care of things that were beyond my level of expertise, I confidently focused on growing my core business, nurturing my network and improving sales. An ideal, and very cost-effective, scenario to be in. So does outsourcing really spark business growth? The answer is a resounding yes! And if you would be interested in seeing for yourself how outsourcing could change your business for the better, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a non-committal chat.