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CASE STUDY: Fuelling Confidence with Dyslexia-friendly Services

CASE STUDY: Fuelling Confidence with Dyslexia-friendly Services
Did you know? One single proofreading mistake bankrupted a well-established Welsh engineering firm.

In 2009, Taylor & Sons Ltd found itself listed as bankrupt by the UK government's registrar of companies. A typo had caused this firm to be mistaken for the actually bankrupt business Taylor & Son.

Companies House corrected their error three days later, but by then the damage was done. Every single one of the firm's suppliers cancelled their orders and within just a couple of months, Taylor & Sons Ltd was indeed bankrupt.

Lack of proofreading may not necessarily have the same sobering outcome as it did for Taylor & Sons Ltd, but proofreaders today do save businesses from miscommunications, contractual issues and embarrassing mistakes. Proofreading also enhances credibility.

Want to hear the good news? Here at Calibre, we have 2 experienced proofreaders as part of our team!

Want to know more? Then please give the below case study a read and learn for yourself the difference Calibre brings to businesses like yours.
About the business owner
HD founded a business within the children's residential care industry, with clients in both the UK and the USA. With a degree in Clinical Psychology, her passion lies in training professionals in therapeutic communities and children's homes.
The problem
Every month, HD visits different children’s residential care homes and assesses their quality of care and safeguarding. She collates all of her notes in a report which is then sent out to other professionals. HD reached out to Calibre saying that due to her dyslexia, she would require a third party to proofread/edit her reports and check the grammar and spelling used throughout.
Enter Calibre
HD was assigned a proofreader with 15 years’ experience in the industry. Due to the sensitive nature of HD’s reports, the proofreading needed to be completed within a very short time frame. The Calibre proofreader was able to return each report within only 24 hours from when it had been submitted. 
The Calibre proofreader also used dyslexia-friendly solutions to ensure the service provided to HD was specifically tailored to her needs. For example, HD’s type of dyslexia meant that she required all text to appear in red. The proofreader made sure that this was always followed through.
The result
With child safeguarding being a constant priority, HD was able to submit her reports in a timely manner, confident that the content was clear and free from any spelling and grammatical mistakes.
Grateful for the enhanced credibility the proofreading gave to her words, HD retained Calibre’s services on a long-term and ongoing basis. The experience fuelled her confidence and gave her the reassurance required to take on additional projects.
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