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CASE STUDY: Beating the late payment blues

CASE STUDY: Beating the late payment blues
Are you eager to learn how Calibre provides admin support to thriving businesses? The below account provides a real-life example of how Calibre helped one business owner recover late customer payments.
About the business owner
EB has built a very successful business working as a Clinical Psychologist, within the social care industry. She is very passionate about supporting children in care and providing high-quality staff training.
The problem
EB faces a recurrent struggle when it comes to receiving timely payment for her services. Months often go by where she receives no replies to her requests. The mental load of juggling these payment issues, together with her core responsibilities, has become overwhelming. With new contracts starting throughout the year, she is starting to lose track of what is owed.
Enter Calibre
EB was assigned a very organised assistant, with experience working within the social care industry and who was adept at chasing late payments. EB was confidently reassured that her Calibre assistant had the exact skill set required to solve her most pressing pain point.
Firstly, the Calibre assistant gathered and updated all of the current client information into one database. After collating all of the relevant details, the assistant then painstakingly called each and every client, spoke to each Accounts department and, one after the other, resolved the outstanding issues relating to each late payment.
Once all payments were up to date, EB's invoicing process was streamlined using accounting software and automated invoice reminders. The Calibre assistant also worked on developing genuine and transparent business relationships with the various clients' Accounts teams, which then facilitated faster payments.
The result
All late payments were recovered and EB's invoicing process no longer falls behind. This has naturally had a positive and direct result on her recurrent monthly income, which in turn has enabled her to maintain accurate financial forecasts, to anticipate future expenses.
EB can once again focus on the passion that drives her business forward, without the constant distraction of late payment blues.
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