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CASE STUDY: Beating Procrastination

CASE STUDY: Beating Procrastination
Is procrastination affecting your business?

Chances are that we've all delayed a task we either simply didn't want to do or we didn't have time for. But once these delayed tasks result in missed opportunities, it's time to find a workable solution.

Want to hear the good news? Here at Calibre, we are experts at helping business owners overcome procrastination! Please give the below case study a read and learn for yourself the difference Calibre brings to businesses like yours.
About the business owners
SC & SD went into business together about 7 years ago. They own a successful service-based business within the fashion industry.
They absolutely love meeting up with clients, passing on their amazing knowledge and observing the positive difference their services make to their clients’ self-esteem.
The problem
With most of their time spent with clients, admin tasks have started to pile up.
In order for these tasks to be completed effectively, many of them require proficiency in specific programmes but neither SC nor SD have the time to learn these new skills.
With many exciting projects also in their pipeline, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to address this constant backlog.
Enter Calibre
SC & SD were assigned a virtual assistant with experience within their exact industry and who was proficient in the programmes they needed assistance with.
They were thrilled to be able to send a weekly to-do list to the Calibre associate, confident that each one of the tasks would finally be completed in a timely manner.
Thanks to the Calibre virtual assistant’s relevant experience, she was able to action a wide variety of tasks very quickly, from collating client feedback to creating Canva-based documents to designing marketing materials to formatting a weekly newsletter to organising online data to setting up fashion catalogues and so much more!
The Calibre assistant also made a point of detailing the steps she took when using the online programmes, so that SC & SD could take a look at how these programmes worked in their own time. Of course, this came with no added pressure because the Calibre associate was actioning everything on their behalf, ensuring their admin tasks were soon up to date.
The result
The clients went from delaying tasks due to time constraints to having their admin backlog cleared within a matter of weeks.
They welcomed the mental relief that came from knowing they were finally up to date with their tasks. Delegating the “£10 tasks” has enabled them to focus more fully on projects they not only enjoy, but which also drive profit.
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